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Next to our efforts to advance a rabbit model for HIV infection, we, the VIIRAL lab, want to study restriction factors and their relevance in different animal models.

We use Murine Leukemia Virus (MLV), a simple retrovirus, to study retroviral infection and its restriction in a more physiological setting without the necessity for increased safety precautions.

One of the factors our group has been interested in for the last years is Serine Incorporator 5 (SERINC5). This mammalian membrane protein has been shown to negatively affect HIV infectivity in the absence of the HIV accessory protein Nef (Pereira et al., 2019; Kriesel et al., 2020). Following up on this, we are investigating the effect of SERINC5 orthologs on MLV, both in the presence and absence of MLV GlycoGag that has already been shown to overcome SERINC5-imposed restriction in Nef deficient HIV (Pereira et al., 2019).

HIV restriction factors

IFITM1/2/3, SERINC3/5, and A3 proteins reduce HIV infectivity by different mechanisms. In the absence of HIV Nef, SERINC3/5 are packaged into budding virions where they restrict fusion pore formation and uptake of the viral core into the target cell (Kriesel et al., 2020)

Key publications on this topic

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October 2020

Journal: Microbes and Infection

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Photo by Maik Richter

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